The Winter Widow

The Winter Widow Until Daniel Wren blew in like a tornado sweeping Susan off her feet and back home to Hampstead Kansas new bride of the small town s police chief Ten days later Daniel was killed by a sniper

  • Title: The Winter Widow
  • Author: Charlene Weir
  • ISBN: 9780312070090
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Until Daniel Wren blew in like a tornado, sweeping Susan off her feet, and back home to Hampstead, Kansas new bride of the small town s police chief Ten days later Daniel was killed by a sniper.

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    The Winter Widow

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    1. I ve been doing a project to read a mystery by an author new to me from every state in the Union Since I d already read lots of Nancy Pickard s books, I couldn t count The Virgin of Small Plains for my Kansas book So I chose Charlene Weir s first Susan Wren novel, and I ll definitely be looking for .The book opens with a Kansas police chief investigating what We aren t sure, and then he is murdered We then learn that he s only been back from his honeymoon for 10 days, and that his new wife is a [...]

    2. RATING 3.5The two of them were cops, she in San Francisco and he a police chief in a small town in Kansas Nobody would ever have predicted that they would meet and fall in love And it s for sure that nobody would have bet that Susan Donovan would leave her job to marry Dan Wren and move to that little town in Kansas And who could believe that after only 6 weeks of marriage, Dan would be killed in the line of duty and Susan would convince the mayor that her nine years as a big city cop make her t [...]

    3. Not a cosy mystery but something a little bit deeper in tone and storyline Susan is not a mini van driving soccer Mom solving crime in her spare time but a seasoned Police Officer from San Francisco who finds and marries the love of her life at a police convention and moves to Kansas to be with him Six short weeks into their marriage Daniel, her husband, is killed and Susan takes over his job as Police Chief to solve his murder Interesting details about breeding livestock and research into bovin [...]

    4. I wonder why Charlene Weir isn t famous She wrote really good non noir mystery featuring a likeable protagonist and an imaginable American scene Plus she was good at the details of scenes and at believable, real dialogue The Winter Widow flows and is constructed in such a way that I didn t want to put it down I was lured from chapter to chapter She was an astute and professional writer.She and I went to the same church She was so modest that I had no idea she was a writer When she died suddenly [...]

    5. I enjoyed my reading of Charlene Weir s The Winter Widow Susan, a cop in San Franciso, met Daniel at a convention Head over heels in love, she marries moves in with him in rural Kansas She feels out of place, but after Daniel is killed vows to not leave until after she finds his killer I enjoyed the setting As a native Kansan, much of this rang true I could see how much the warm weather, big city woman would feel lost both in the landscape and in her relations with the townsfolk.The book is well [...]

    6. THE WINTER WIDOW ExWeir, Charlene 1st in seriesDaniel Wren blew in like a tornado, sweeping Susan off her feet and back home to Hampstead, Kansas The new bride of the small town s police chief became a widow ten days later when Daniel was killed by a sniper s bullet Now city slicker Susan is the new police chief, and finding her husband s killer is job one.I enjoyed the concept and the protagonist It s going to be interesting to see where the series goes.

    7. This is a good mystery by a writer I hadn t met before I grabbed this book for a plane trip and was very pleased with the mystery Susan, a San Francisco cop, has been swept off her feet by sheriff from Kansas named Daniel Daniel is killed almost immediately after they get settled back home after their honeymoon, and Susan stays in Kansas to solve find out who killed him The characters are quirky and the weather severe, but logic wins in the end.

    8. I liked Daniel so much they fell in love so hard so fast for each other that it was depressing going forward I didn t think it was right when she took over her husbands position either, I felt the story would of been better if his 2nd in charge had instead Just because she is the main character didn t make it a given And I was bothered when she said she couldn t remember what he looked like a couple of days after he died.

    9. This book was a pleasant mystery The lead character was tough, but weak ankled she sprained her ankle at least three times during the 250 pages not sure why Written in the 90s, it was a bit dated The entire book I kept thinking, too bad they don t have a cell phone But other than that, I liked it I rate it a C.

    10. I love a good fish out of water story This first of a series offers us a San Francisco cop transformed into a small town Kansas housewife With in two months of ther arrial in Kansas her police cheif husband is killed Widow Susan applies for his job and sets about solving the crime Amazingly she decides to remain in Kansas.

    11. I enjoyed this book Having a new husband dies in the line of duty is tough, taking on his job and finding his killer is even harder, especially when they target you next.I ll keep reading this series, Weir makes Kansas feel real and yet gives an outsider view of it the new Chief of Police is originally from San Francisco, transplanted to her husbands home, a small town in Kansas.

    12. ill bk 1st in series tight and fast moving Kansas small town married 6 weeks and her husband the sheriff is hsot and killed Susan a former police officer from SFPD ask to allowed to takeover her husband job she is aloowed for a short term basis

    13. Only married a few days, someone killed Susan s husband the police chef of Hampstead, Kansas Susan was a cop and was not leaving town until she found her husbands killer Nice read.

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