Joseph Fallen

Joseph Fallen There is a fine line between genius and madness Between love and hate Between right and wrong Joseph had created The Estate for her His wife The woman he chose to bear his child She was beauty unsurpa

  • Title: Joseph Fallen
  • Author: M.S. Willis
  • ISBN: 9780989447966
  • Page: 207
  • Format: ebook
  • There is a fine line between genius and madness Between love and hate,Between right and wrong.Joseph had created The Estate for her His wife,The woman he chose to bear his child.She was beauty unsurpassed And her song was unlike anything he d ever known.However, their love was a story that would not find a happy ending.In this prequel novella to the Estate series, follow JThere is a fine line between genius and madness Between love and hate,Between right and wrong.Joseph had created The Estate for her His wife,The woman he chose to bear his child.She was beauty unsurpassed And her song was unlike anything he d ever known.However, their love was a story that would not find a happy ending.In this prequel novella to the Estate series, follow Joseph Carmichael as he creates a world unlike any other Because, in order to comprehend The Estate, you must understand Joseph but, in order to understand Joseph, you must discover how a man falls from light into the pitch black depths of ultimate darkness.

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    Joseph Fallen

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    1. There s a fine line between many things love and hate, light and dark, brilliance and madness Much like when the sun rises, the light it gives still touches on the light it destroys And it s in that place, the moment between sunrise and day and sunset and night, that is the scariest of all, because they so closely linked that one cannot always be distinguished from the otherME ADVICE BEFORE YOU START READING THIS BOOK 1 If you re looking for romance, you won t find it here.2 If you re looking fo [...]

    2. In my opinion, it is highly recommended to read Madeleine Abducted before this prequel.5 I M A JOSEPH HATER STARS Joseph though I really didn t want to do a casting for this jackass AriannaPlease heed the following This was a horrifyingly painful, excruciatingly agonizing book for me to read Even after days of reading it, I m incapable of informative and or flowery words I feel so much heartache and despair You ll have to make do with this gif review.And here we go.Prologue is epic and warns you [...]

    3. 5 Had me breaking out in a sweat stars Reread 12 5 15A year later, and I still felt the exact same way This book still gutted me.This is not for the faint of heart Although it slightly broke me, it s still a favorite of mine Although there is a love story, Joseph Fallen is about the demise of a mans mind, and the woman by his side, who has no choice but to endure it His name was Joseph Carmichael and when he started The Estate, he not only created HellHe ruled it As a young couple Joseph and Ari [...]

    4. DARKEST, DEMENTED, SADISTIC, ALL CONSUMING, MIND BLOWING BOOKINFINITY STARS Please be forewarned this is not a fluffy, bubble gum, candy corn kind of read This is EXTREMELY graphic There are no HEA s here In summary this will be a full blown on rant and rave at how much I loved this EPIC dark tale.This gif represents my emotions after reading this dark, deliciously, dark story line My emotions were all over the place I needed to sit down for a few moments to decompress and rationalize my interna [...]

    5. 5 Not So Happily Ever After Stars But the truth now slapping her in the face, she realized her husband had fallen and she d been too ignorant to pull him back.Joseph Fallen is the prequel to Madeleine Abducted It is also one of the most emotional, captivating, disturbing, and heartbreaking books I have ever read From the very first page I was hooked and I couldn t put it down, finishing it in just one sitting Just a warning you will cry You will cry ugly tears streaming down your face I was warn [...]

    6. 4 solid stars It was a great read, I enjoyed it a lot I wasn t expecting to like Joseph, and hated myself for the fact that I did, knowing what he did in Madeleine Abducted, yikes But it was very heard to hate him at the beginning, because there was a time in his life when he was a decent man I love when books surprise me I finally got to meet The Mom Loved her I understood why her son fell in love with Madeleine, those two were very alike They have same interests and very similar personalities, [...]

    7. This story has taken my ability to think Shit My brain feels like mush and my mental healthwellHow I feelAnd what I might needHonestly I don t even know where to begin This story starts off with a young couple deeply in love with a bright future ahead of them Arianna is innocent, pure, naive Joseph is driven, wanting give her the best of everything His ambition and obsession is his downfall Love turns to hatred, hope turns to resentment Soon the lust for power consumes Joseph, and he relishes in [...]

    8. He truly was a beautiful man, but inside him was nothing than poison, death, hatred and rage M.S Willis outdid herself This book left me speechless, repulsed, angry, but overall satisfied.In the beginning we revisit the early stages of Arianna and Joseph s marriage I will call this time The Blissful Years During The Blissful Years, Joseph promises Arianna that he will do everything to make her happy, and provide her with all things within his power See, therein lies the problem Power this is th [...]

    9. Kirsten finished and im realy behind im not shere im feeling this even though ill defenetly finish, 4 intence stars well this was defenetly scary Kirsten sorry i was so slow in our BR the begining draged to me but as soon as Joseph got crazy and Connor got in the picture i was hooked we should do Hope Restrained too This book is very depressing just a warning all likiable charecters die horibly and the Anti hero Villain goes from over the top ambicius man who still has his morals and is able to [...]

    10. 4 Roller coaster Stars Joseph Carmichael has created a home for his wife.a wife that will give him a child and a wife that will never leaveThis home is called The EstateIt starts wellIn love, Joseph adores his beautiful wife AriannaShe is always by his side as he climbs his way to the topShe wants for nothing he showers her with everythingeverything is for herShe just wants one thingr him to be the same person he was when they marriedThe money he makes the powerful he becomes the powerful he [...]

    11. HA Ask and you shall receive, I said in my review of Madeleine, Abducted I wanted to understand of how The Estate came to be and look what happens.I shouldn t love Joseph,But I do I should be concerned with how much I love Joseph,But I m not Oh no I don t love Joseph for the man he started out as, nuh uhNope, I love Joseph for the crazy mother f%ker he turned into.When you are sitting there getting excited over the demented shit he is doing a normal person would be concerned but I m not normal. [...]

    12. Now THIS is precisely the kind of jacked up mess that I would have loved to see in the 1st book of this series Madeleine Abducted But sadly there was nothing at all good about that book IMO Which makes me wonder after reading this deliciously scary, totally off the wall, beyond sick insane prequel, it has me wonderingWhat happened with the 1st book, M.S Willis But I digress This Prequel is the story of the one and only Joseph Carmichael And his unfortunate lust for power above all other things A [...]

    13. I knew it Once I reached 80% I knew this book was going to fucking rape the shit out of me and leave me abused, humiliated, and even abhorred at myself for giving it 5 stars However when I rate or review a story I do so by rating the story the author fed to me Even if I detested every fucking bite Bottom line is this book literally fucked me up than ANY other dark, raw story I ve ever read And that is saying something dammit M.S Willis delivers a dark read at a whole new fucking level I dark, d [...]

    14. A Glimpse Into The Mind Of A Crazed ManGoing back in time, this prequel to Madeleine Abducted provides a look at the man that Joseph was before his greed and hunger for power transformed him into a monster Beginning on the night of his marriage to Arianna, this book reveals a softer side of Joseph, a man that is seemingly head over heels in love with his bride and desperate to provide her with a lifestyle he deems fitting for his queen In is quest to adorn her in the finest things money can buy, [...]

    15. So after careful thought and some ice cream eating.Here s my review Yeah this one book is pretty jacked up I have mixed feelings about this book It took me a while and I mean a while to rate it So, if the author was able to educe this type of feelings from me, I got to give her due credit This is the story of Joseph and the beginning of his demise Since Madeleine Abducted came out first I read that first Of course I already knew that view spoiler I was going to hate Joseph hide spoiler It s just [...]

    16. ummmebody please explain what the fuck did i just read like, i need to see a shrink and a professional psychiatric my jaw is on the floor i can t process this somebody for heaven s sake, tell me what the hell just happened in this book i feel like i just got it by two semi my head is spinning and i just wanna crawl under a rock and never come out i have NO words, i mean none WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HIM the man is definition of insanity, cruelty and a sadist this bastard pissed me off so damn [...]

    17. His name was Joseph Carmichael and when he started The Estate, he not only created Hell He ruled it Warning Joseph Fallen and Madeleine, Abducted are not for the faint of heart These books contain abuse, rape, terror, drug use, and unimaginable violence Though there is a hint of romance, it is only a tiny pinpoint of light in a world otherwise consumed completely by darkness.More than any other genre, this book is horror Yet there are no paranormal monsters lurking, only men that truly are monst [...]

    18. I just I just cant even explain this book I will need days and days to stop thinking about it By far this is the darkest I HAVE EVER READ I don t think dark is an adequate word for it Its a whole different genre all together Ok so 5 hours later I had to come back I read Madeleine Abducted first It was released first, that s why Duh Well that book was.terrifying But this Joseph and Arianna s story Soul gripping Heart Stopping Gut Wrenching The sweetness at first got me going It was cute, sexy and [...]

    19. ABSOLUTELY STUNNED 5 evil demented star read The author has written a very phenomenal dark read that has left me reeling in pain My heart demolished I sobbed a very snotty ugly cry I gagged especially towards the end If I had eaten anything I would have puked An emotional read I will NEVER forget FULL review soon I recommend that you read the first book in the Estate series before you read this one Now I need a Starbucks and find a happy read.

    20. 5 Totally Twisted StarsPlease be warnedis is not a soft, fluffy book This book is dark, demented, twisted, and sadistic No glitter, no hearts and flowers happily ever after.Joseph Fallen is the prequel to Madeleine Abducted.Joseph Carmichael.a young man in love A young man who would do anything for his beautiful new wife, Ariana Carmichaelhing He wants to give her the world and shower her with all the riches it beholds He will stop at nothing to give this to her Absolutely nothinghe is consumed [...]

    21. 5 Dark, Gritty, Twisted Stars Be warned this book has everything from greed, violence, madness, drugs, power, crime, sex and hatred And is EXTREMELY graphic There are NO HEA s here This book is seriously Twisted and fucked up and all I can say isBut it is also one of the most emotional, captivating, disturbing, and heartbreaking books I have ever read There s a fine line between many things love and hate, light and dark, brilliance and madness Much like when the sun rises, the light it gives sti [...]

    22. 5 very dark and messed up Stars This book has been on my TBR list for some time and this box set has given me the push to finally read it and I now think my putting off reading Joseph Fallen was my subconscious mind telling me not to read this book This is without doubt THE darkest and most twisted book I have read to date It has affected me in ways I could never have imagined and that is all credit to the writing ability and the dark twisted mind of this brilliant author.Joseph is THE vilest ch [...]

    23. OMG I thought I saw the darkness,evil,hate and suffering in Madeleine Abducted, oh my was I wrong The prologue gives you a warning and if your expecting hearts,flowers,romance and a HEA this is NOT the book for you If you want dark,gripping,emotion and heart shattering this is for you.The start of the book you see one man s love for his wife Arianna,who wants to give her everything Arianna didn t come from money,so she doesn t need or want all the things Joseph talks about The fancy house,clothe [...]

    24. 5 STAR OMG, WTF DID I JUST READ BOOK , IF THERE EVER WAS ONE Yeah, well This book is one of the very best dark erotica books that I have ever read If you are not a lover of dark erotica, do not read it, it s most likely not for you If you enjoy dark, and I mean dark, reads, do not pass this one up Lily White, aka MS Willis, does it again in this prequel to her Estate series I have only read one or two dark reads that have effected me in this way since Her Masters Courtesan Also by Lily White I h [...]

    25. Omg What the hell did I just read This was so dark and so brutal I m just shocked I cried, UGLY CRIED I knew the ending was going to kill me but damn if I was still not prepared I hate Joseph with a passion that I have never hated another male lead chacter He disgusted me Now, saying all that, I FREAKIN LOVED this book It was dark and gritty It was brutal and at times sickining Joseph was a monster, where as Arianna was an angel If you love dark reads, this one is one of the best I ve ever had t [...]

    26. The last TRULY dark book I read was Break Her by BG Harlen I think it s possible that this book surpassed the darkness, desolation and evil contained in Break Her, this book is NOT a dark romance It is DARK, period The beginning of the book lulls you into a false sense of security, the descent into depravity, insanity and evil is a slow, all consuming and utterly gut churning process There were parts of this book that made me sick to my stomach, parts that tore my heart from my chest and parts t [...]

    27. And the CHAOS continues or BeginsKnowing what I read in the first book I could have never expected what was coming.This is so disturbing and Delish on so many levels i don t know where to begin.I will say this M.S Willis has taken this genre of dark reads and had taken it to a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL Nothing nothing you have read Cj Roberts, Pepper Winters, all freaking FABULOUS comes even close to this.So with that being said be prepared to heartache heart break and pure terror FAIR WARNING THIS IS V [...]

    28. There are NO WORDS for how I feel about this book It has to be one of the darkest if not THE darkest books I ve ever read Joseph Fallen will make your heart race It will make you happy in a few parts but cringe REALLY CRINGE in most of the other parts But it will make you understand Joseph if you ve read Madeline Abducted I can t say I ENJOYED this book, but I CAN say I LOVED HATED it sort of.For an AWESOME review of this book go to my link text

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