Anoitecer O universo n o exactamente como julgaste que fosse O melhor ser alterar aquilo em que acreditais Porque o universo esse certamente n o o podereis alterar Vem a o Anoitecer Acreditai Kalgash um mundo

  • Title: Anoitecer
  • Author: Isaac Asimov Robert Silverberg Maria de Lurdes Medeiros
  • ISBN: 9789721035522
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback
  • O universo n o exactamente como julgaste que fosse.O melhor ser alterar aquilo em que acreditais.Porque o universo, esse, certamente n o o podereis alterar.Vem a o Anoitecer Acreditai.Kalgash um mundo beira do caos, divivido entre a loucura do fanatismo religioso e o racionalismo intransigente dos cientistas E, espreitando por detr s de tudo isso, est o medo insO universo n o exactamente como julgaste que fosse.O melhor ser alterar aquilo em que acreditais.Porque o universo, esse, certamente n o o podereis alterar.Vem a o Anoitecer Acreditai.Kalgash um mundo beira do caos, divivido entre a loucura do fanatismo religioso e o racionalismo intransigente dos cientistas E, espreitando por detr s de tudo isso, est o medo instintivo e universal Da escurid o Kalgash apenas conhece a permanente luz do dia para os seus habitantes, o adensar do crep sculo pressagia horrores indescrit veis.E apenas um punhado de pessoas face do planeta est o preparados para enfrentar a verdade os seus seis s is v o atravessar a linha do horizonte ao mesmo tempo, pela primeira vez em mais de dois mil anos, assinalando o fim da civiliza o que explode perante o esplendor assombroso do anoitecer.

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      351 Isaac Asimov Robert Silverberg Maria de Lurdes Medeiros

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    1. My god, it s full of stars This famous phrase from2001 A Space Odyssey is also applicable to Nightfall, but with an entirely opposite connotation.Nightfall was originally a short story byIsaac Asimov, first published in 1941 It is considered a classic sci fi short story, and often cited as one of the all time greats example best list The book being reviewed here is an expansion of this short story, in collaboration of the greatRobert Silverberg, a legend among veteran sci fi readers When this no [...]

    2. To start with, I thought the original 1941 novelette was absolutely fascinating People experiencing a world wide event that had never occurred before in their entire history, trying to prepare for it and being horrified as it actually occurs The end is an absolutely masterful span of writing, ever increasing suspense and dark madness as a mob descends, cut off so abruptly, it s almost certainly the reason the story is so popular.And then Silverberg brings us to the new world, and spends a hundre [...]

    3. Nightfall isn t that bad The plot advances at a nice pace It all breaks down in the end, though At points I was close to giving Nightfall three stars The bad delivery of the ending, and the overall pulpiness of the story, are what drop the rating.The story is fun, but has a full time job holding itself together just on the surface level This leaves no room for any depth.The final resolution of the story is not that bad in itself, but the way it is told is anti climactic Some people say there is [...]

    4. been a long time, esse.i see you, central park east secondary school library reading nook circa 1991.i see you.

    5. An amazing short story, rewritten as a novel by popular demand Or maybe just Asimov s determination to keep improving perfectly good work Sadly, this is exactly the same short story as the original Nightfall, just with words to slow it down a bit and the assistance of another author who isn t Asimov anyway

    6. Ciencia ficci n con trasfondo filos fico Qu suceder a si de repente, la civilizaci n presencia un evento inexplicable que la llena de terror

    7. The people of Kalgash, although aliens, are very human in nature, so I liked the approach of a sci fi story to address the issue of how we humans respond to change, especially abrupt change in daily things whose stability we take for granted.Kalgashians live in a world where darkness is unnatural, where there is always light, the light of many suns They are so used to light that they cannot imagine life without it I chuckled when I read this passage in which a Kalgash astronomer discusses the po [...]

    8. An interesting theory here, but I preferred the short story version which actually got to the point a little quicker.

    9. This book was FANTASTIC It takes place on a distant planet in a distant system The planet orbits five suns, all various sizes and distances away, so that the inhabitants have never known night Even though they are an advanced society, even the astronomers have no clue that there is anything in the universe besides their planet and the five suns When scientists discover the existence of a previously unknown planet that will make a close pass and indeed blot out the tiniest of the suns while the o [...]

    10. I was and still am a big Isaac Asimov fan, both of his fiction and his non fiction I was in particular a big fan of his short stories and I loved the original short story version of Nightfall, however when I read the long extended version that was made into a book, I wasn t as thrilled.I was, however, only 8 years old, when I read the book version, but I still remember thinking this is too long, too wordy and that Isaac Asimov is right in the assessment that Golden Age science fiction writers we [...]

    11. I just read the novella written by Isaac Asimov not the full length novel which expanded this story later I am not so interested in reading a book which was written by another author based on this story or maybe I will read it someday But reading this story made me realize why Asimov is my favorite sci fi author Nobody can write science fiction like him No other author can describe something so brilliantly At least for me This story is about a planet which has six suns so there is no time on thi [...]

    12. Es una historia que funciona mejor como relato que como libro La verdad es que aunque no deja de ser una premisa interesante, Silverberg no consigue aportar nada nuevo a la historia creada por Asimov.

    13. One of Asimov s greatest works Written in his dry, pre WWII classic American sci fi style, very matter of fact and reverent of science Brings excellent ideas of how a different society would be in a different solar system, and the psychology of beings living on a world where night never comes Asimov gradually introduces his ideas to us through his character s scientific processes He also writes the end of a world very well, how society may very well break apart when the sanity of humanity is red [...]

    14. Meu primeiro Asimov vem em forma de um cen rio p s apocal ptico onde a noite surge pela primeira vez em mil nios e, f cil de imaginar, pega todo mundo de surpresa pra dizer o m nimo V rios personagens se cruzam durante a hist ria para a montagem do grande boom do livro de um modo t o bem feito que deu gosto de ler por m n o posso dizer que minha empolga o n o tenha a ver com meu trauma de certa trilogia que tinha acabado de ler e que fez exatamente o contr rio disso.Continua a a torcida pra que [...]

    15. The original short story Nightfall is brilliant and deserves five stars This novel, based on that short story, only gets 2 stars It was bloated and forgettable Don t bother with it unless you re an Asimov completist If you ve never read the short story, you need to go find it It s in a lot of SF collections and should be readily available.

    16. Aaron King1 29 12Per 6Book Review Nightfall by Isaac Asimov Reading has always been a seminal part of the human experience It keeps the mind sharp and open to new ideas Reading also maintains one s vocabulary If one never reads, he or she is susceptible to the same rusting that an adolescent s brain suffers over a long summer On the other end of the literary spectrum, reading also helps the writers Authors can use their writing to express emotions and ideas and, in a sense, transmit these ideas [...]

    17. Nightfall by Isaac Asimov, is a story about a planet called Lagash There is a group of astronomers who believe their planet is on the brink of catastrophe Lagash is a planet that has three suns In the known past it has always been light, there is no night But there are some very old reports saying that every 2,500 years there will an eclipse that will pass over the sun and bring total darkness They even say that the lack of light will drive men to the brink of insanity, and in this moment they w [...]

    18. Do not read this later book length version stick with the short story, anthologized in many collections The original made Asimov an overnight sensation, rocketing him to the top three of 20th Century SF writers Heinlein, Clarke, Asimov It did so on the strength of an imaginative concept possibly suggested by Joseph Campbell and the story s final, breathtaking paragraph.

    19. This is a review of the short story alone, since I can t seem to find a page dedicated to it.Imagine living in a world of perpetual daylight, thanks to the six suns surrounding your planet Now imagine each sun setting, leaving only a single one in the sky, and at such a distance, it can be blocked by an almost invisible planet creating what is essentially a world wide eclipse that will plunge civilization into darkness for one whole night It is an event that only comes every 2000 something years [...]

    20. This is a sci fi novel about the end of the world Sort of.Isaac Asimov is the master of sci fi short stories He s a little known author that has written one or two books One of his stories is called Nightfall , and is well worth reading You should probably get a collection of his that includes that story, but if you search around enough, you can find the text online.Asimov works the short story perfectly Many sci fi books have to present an idea or explanation for some technology of phenomenon t [...]

    21. Meh _ A complete waste of my precious time Apart from a few deep thoughts at the end, the book had nothing, absolutely NOTHING to offer The dazzling brightness of the stars was terrifying Eek How lame P Like seriously, why would everyone turn crazy if they went through darkness Okay, it is kinda believable since the planet Kalgash is lit up by four or six suns all day and there s nothing called night God I can t believe I m even narrating this I m so lame Pfft But seriously, how would the bright [...]

    22. Quando ho iniziato a leggere Notturno di Asimov e Silverberg, conservava ancora una salda consistenza granitica la convinzione assoluta che, nel migliore dei casi, quanto mi accingevo a leggere non sarebbe stato pi che un semplice annacquamento del racconto originale di Asimov Poco a poco, per , la convinzione venuta meno, e per quanto il racconto mi sembri ancora superiore, soprattutto stilisticamente, non posso dare a questo romanzo meno di cinque stelle.Se vero che il sapore romantico sublmin [...]

    23. I read the explanation on the cover detailing how this was a short story adopted into a longer novel, but proceeded expecting a fully hashed book However, I was greeted with a silly portrayal of the same short story, just with different characters and their points of view This may have worked before, and it may work again, but that writing style does work for Nightfall Many times I felt like yelling get on with it already and okayyyyy when the characters would start two page explanations that co [...]

    24. Reread this after many years The original short story by Asimov stayed with me for a long time as one of the most thought provoking scenarios that had been presented to me For the first time the idea that sentient beings could be so radically different from us sank home I was young and foolish This was an important lesson that many writers of science fiction and fantasy could do with learning I read the expanded version when it was releeased and felt oddly dissatisfied with it Some of the elemen [...]

    25. A cada vez que eu leio uma obra de Asimov eu me surpreendo com a sua facilidade de falar sobre mundos diferentes do nosso, mas que se voc prestar aten o s o apenas met foras sobre a vida na Terra Nesse livro ele nos mostra um mundo onde as pessoas desconhecem as estrelas, um lugar onde s conhecem o dia E com o cair da noite elas perdem a raz o e, mesmo os intelectuais que desprezavam o misticismo da religi o, precisam se submeter aos Ap stolos O constante conflito entre religi o e ci ncia tem um [...]

    26. Read the original story by Asimov, instead of this rewrite novelization, essentially all by Robert Silverberg The original is remarkable like the good doctor himself Accept no substitutes The original is well paced and gripping, typical Asimov The novelization stretches the story out far too much As is often the case, a fantastic short story may not make a good novel at all.See also The Ugly Little Boy and The Bicentennial Man, by Robert Silverberg and Isaac Asimov You definitely want to check o [...]

    27. Nightfall tells the story of a fictional planet Lagash which has six stars like suns keeping it illuminated all the time so the people there don t know anything about darkness and night Well over time some scientists from Saro University including a psychologist, an archaeologist, and an astronomer, make some discoveries with show that there have been these collapses in civilizaion in the past, a sort of cycle that occurs So the scientists try to find out what causes these anomalies Well one of [...]

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